Junk Archive | the UK web archive

archiving the UK interent


Junk archive the 2014's response to the UK not archiving keeping a record of websites that could come and gone in the past years. The archive looks to take single copies of websites as the domains expire on the website cease to function.

One of the junk archives major tasks as making a copy of all the UK domains, and cataloguing a list of domains that have actual websites, as oppose to be holding domains, or domains that have never had a website.

The junk archive makes a copy of the website through receiving information from its own UK domains database the domain has expired and has not been reregistered. Junk archive then looks at its own copy of the website, comparing it with any new website that appears with a possible new registrant, and if the difference pass on metrics test than the old website is placed within the junk archive the users to view.

The junk archive takes no responsibility for the accuracy, content or images that contain within the archive or for any error that have occurred when copying the website initially.

The UK internet did not have its own archive till thee junk archive was created in 2014


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